GESTUNO..International Sign Language of
the Deaf

The revised and enlarged book of signs agreed and adopted by the Unification of Signs Commission of the World Federation of the Deaf.
Translated to Arabic by Mr. Bader Al-Dookhi

In this book you will find that a fairly comprehensive number of ideas and sign-words have been grouped with the aim of enabling deaf people of varying nationalities to enlarge their knowledge of agreed international signs and thus to converse more easily with each other. The signs are identified by English, French and Arabic words.

It contains the following groups:
People and Relationships, Environment, Celestial objects, The world, The continents, Topography, Weather, Natural disasters, Flora and fauna, Nations, Position and Direction, Personality and Emotions, Eating and Drinking, Life and Health, Intellect, Descriptive Signs, Opposites, Colours, Communication, Conjunctions etc, Interrogatives, General, Written, Postal, Methods for the Deaf, Sound and Vision, Number, Time and Seasons, Politics, Government, Business and Finance, Justice Law and Order, Travel and Transport, Military, Religion, Sport, General Signs, Explanation of Numerals, Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, International manual alphabet.
total 1470 sign.

Here are some signs scanned from the book:

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Bader A. Al-Dookhi
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State of Kuwait
Fax: (965) 539-8550

Copy Right
1975 The British Deaf Association
ISBN 0 9504187 0 6

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