You can download here the Fonts that you need to read and write the universal signs.

    The iniatial three Fonts (YoGoTe 1,2, 3) are needed to read the glossed texts, and they are also very helpful to write your own texts with accompanying universal signs.

    The last Font (YoGoTe 0) is also needed to read the Dictionary of universal signs.

    You must copy the Fonts in the same folder of your computer that holds already the other Fonts or types of letter (for example: C/WINDOWS/FONTS).

-YoGoTe1            -YoGoTe2           -YoGoTe3    



    If you find troubles when installing the fonts, or if your text program does not recognise them, you can try to download these other versions (Open Type), deleting previously the others from your FONTS folder.

-YoGoTe1            -YoGoTe2           -YoGoTe3    


You could also try HERE to change free on-line the format of the fonts to one that your computer does recognise.



       All the signs of the three  Fonts are displayed in the same order at the following tables. They are therefore very useful to choose a given sign in order to write it on a text. You should print the tables in horizontal A4 paper, without margins. 

- YoGoTe1: Signs        -YoGoTe2: Signs        -YoGoTe3: Signs

-YoGoTe1: Table        -YoGoTe2: Table      -YoGoTe3: Table



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