Capire, a song in 24 languages

Harmony vocals are in italics

Intro 1

Capiré mosamam capiré [in Italian and Persian: Understanding, determination, understanding]
El ham mosamam el ham [in Arabic and Persian: Inspiration, determination, inspiration]
Roshni, inspirati [in Punjabi and Flemish: Inspiration]
Maraya, Sumagan esin, esin lehavine [in Malay and Hindi: Celebration]
Memahami, Kutlamak [in Malay and Turkish: Understanding, celebration]

Verse 1 (A1)

Somos mujeres en acción, tenemos mucho por lograr [Spanish/Mexico: We are women of action, we have a lot to gain]
Femme, lève-toi et marche [French/Cameroon: Women, let's get up and march]
You know you hold tomorrows' world [English/Zambia]

Takinis mayatch asipix anyani warmin akhamax arsuñan [Aymara/Bolivia: All together, united, come women, raise your voices]
Se se sang, y taona né [Korean/Korea: A new world is coming]
Por una vida más digna y feliz [Spanish/Mexico: For a life of dignity and happiness]

Chorus 1 (B1)

Londo mo, tambela [Sango/Central African Republic: Let's get up and stand up]
True recognition that feeds our motivation [English/Britain]
Kwandoa umaskini [Swahili /Tanzania: For elimination of poverty]
Queremos participar y decidir deste cambio [Espagnol/Bolivia: We want to participate in and decide about these changes]

Cantamos, por el futuro [Spanish/Mexico: Let's sing for the future]
Eladl salaam mousaawet karama [Arabic/Morocco: For justice, peace, equality and dignity]
khudha, trishna teke mucti, [Bangali /Bangladesh: Free from hunger and thirst]
Jékané thukbé na kono rôgue ba hotasha [Bangali /Bangladesh: Where there will be no sickness and despair]

Capiré mosamam capiré, el ham mosamam el ham…

Verse 2 (A2)

Avec ou sans papier nous parlerons [French/Burkina Faso: With or without papers we will speak out]
Avec ou sans chaussures nous marcherons [French/Burkina Faso: With or without shoes we will march]
Pou tout fanm qi viktim vyolans jwenn jistis [Creole/Haiti: So that all women victims of violence receive justice]
I se toï song, Chi mo catchini [Korean/Korea: No more silence]
Kowwa yasani [Djerma/Niger: So that everybody is aware]

Victime d'injustice et de violence [French/Quebec: Victims of injustice and violence]
Il est grand temps que tout cela change [French/Quebec: It's time for a change!]
C'est fini l'impuissance et la désespérance [French/ Switzerland: Enough of helplessness and despair]

Capire mosamam capire, el ham mosamam el ham…

Chorus 2 (B2)

Haguruke kwisi yose gutenyerera ku mabi bihave [Kirundi/Burundi Let's get up so that the law of silence is broken all around the world]
Kélé oba kela ka kélé bo gain kalafia la don, mousso koundala [Bambara/Mali: Let's struggle now, stop war and bring peace to women]
Tulka vmestia staniem bivstra'ha ina silia [Russian/Russia: Only together we'll stand against fear and violence]
Avançons ensemble dans la paix [French/Quebec: Let's move forward together in peace]
Haguru ke mweze turwanire amahoro. Amahoro [Kirundi/Burundi: Let's all stand up, let's struggle for peace, for peace!!]

Capiré mosamam capiré, el ham mosamam el ham…

Yo moseka mama toyokaka yekola kotanga, kokoma [Lingala/Democratic Republic of the Congo: Listen! We are active women. Let's learn to read and write]
Mpo ozuwa esika na mokili ah… [Lingala/Democratic Republic of the Congo: To have our place in this world]
Capire mosamam capire, el ham mosamam el ham

Verse 3 (A3)

Ja gore bishshèr mohila [Bangali/Bangladesh: Arise women of the world]
Pour la conquête de tous nos droits [French/Congo Brazzaville: For we shall win our rights]
We can achieve it together [English/ Zambia]
Vamos cantar, vamos dançar [Portuguese/Brazil: Let's sing, let's dance]

Nuestra lucha es sin fronteras [Spanish /Bolivia: Our struggle is without borders]
So take your sister by the hand [English/Zambia]
Transformar a vida, construir a igualdade [Portuguese /Portugal: Transform life, build equality]
Nosso canto vai tocanco coraçoes [Portuguese / Brazil: Our song will move hearts]

Chorus 3 (B3)

Nous marchons, main dans la main [French/Quebec and Democratic Republic of the Congo: We walk hand in hand]
Per amune ma hande naguena [Sinhala/Sri Lanka: Raising our voices in unity]
Tumuogele, wanawake [Swahili/Tanzania: Celebrate, women]
Seja branca ou negra [Portuguese/Brazil: Whether you are white or black]
Soyurio api [Sinhala/Sri Lanka: We are sisters]
Proclamemos nuestros derechos [Spanish/Mexico: Let us proclaim our rights]
Digu karanmu apé ath siv diga siv kona [Sinhala/Sri Lanka: Let us extend our hands to the four corners of the world]
Together, unite and be free [English/Britain]
Share education and strength to find the power, the power to change! [English, Britain]